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Image from the WTO protests in Seattle, 1999. Massive political manifestations against trade organizations and treaties became a major tactic of the Anti-Globalization (or Altermondialist) movement.  Free-trade agreements like NAFTA and the WTO’s enforcement of ‘balance-trade’ have destroyed the local economies of many poor countries, allowing corporations to ‘out-source’ work and environmental destruction to poorer peoples and undermining the sovereignty of communities. [image J.Narrin, GFDL, cc-by.3.0]

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  • Monday: Linda Boeckhout–Paradise Lost
  • Tuesday: Kadmus–Paganism, Value, and Capitalist Leveling
  • Wednesday: Heathen Chinese–Review: Almanac of the Dead by Leslie Marmon Silko
  • Thursday: Lorna Smithers–Lost Watercourses and Resacredization in Penwortham and Preston
  • Friday: Syren– Liberation Magic
  • Satyrday:  Jonathan Woolley– Never Shall Be Slaves II (Britain’s Colonial Past – Normans)


A damaging trade agreement, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is being negotiated right now.  Most dangerous?  It will lower environmental regulations on fossil-fuel exploration.  Here’s more.

Also, in case you hadn’t heard, the data-collection by the US Government (catching many non-citizens, too), first revealed by fugitive/hero Edward Snowden, has been ruled illegal.

Want to keep up on the latest (tragic, sad) news about the destruction Capitalism’s doing to the inhabitants of the world?  Best source on the internet is Extinction Symbol’s twitter feed.

And need some hope to help with the despair?  Both Fjothr’s piece on Joy and Lia Hunter’s The Enchanted last week are quite inspiring.



In economic terms, Alienation describes Capitalism’s disconnection and distancing from the social relations that create a good or service.

Alienation occurs in many forms, and makes it difficult for a consumer to understand the human and non-human exploitation caused in the creation of a product.

For instance, while Apple is a US corporation, its manufacturing is elsewhere.  Someone who buys an iPhone has no relationship to the poorly-paid Asian workers assembling the item, lives far removed from the lakes of toxic waste created by cell-phone manufacture, and seems to relate only to Apple.  The consumer is alienated from the production of the iPhone, while the workers are alienated from the end use and profit derived from their work (few can afford an iPhone).

Alienation, also, allows a Western consumer to live in ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ neighborhoods while never confronting the slaughtered species, exploited humans, and razed forests which sustain their privileged position as conscientious consumers.

Paganism’s insistence on interconnectedness and interdependence, then, is a crucial antidote to alienation.  Exploring and insisting upon the connections between our actions and others helps reveal the horrors Capitalism actively hides from us.


“I have heard it said that a land wight does not care about the politics of who summons it.  This is a glib statement. It is politics which enables the destruction of the very land which the wight stands guard over.  Man is a political animal, those who say that they stand outside of, or above politics are the esotericists whose clean hands are washed in the blood of those who have no choice but to put their hands in the machinery .Politics is not optional for First Nations, women, queers, blacks or any of the other slave classes. Abstention is a position of privilege which aids the pattern of destruction, arguing only for our impotence. There is no left-right dichotomy, there are those who are destroying the body, and those who stand against them.  Economics is war by other means, and in this asymmetric war against life itself, you do not have the luxury of choice.”

–Peter Grey, Apocalyptic Witchcraft